Saturday, June 22nd
This is a mandatory rehearsal for all students and is held at the Lang Performers Arts Center, Swarthmore College.
Although this is a “dress rehearsal”, it would be greatly appreciated of you as an audience, to be considerate of the students performing on stage. Please keep any students seated and away from the front of the stage.
The front of the stage should be kept clear for the parents filming their children.

  •  Please respect Swarthmore’s polices. THERE lS NO FOOD OR DRINK PERMITTED lN THE THEATER.
  •  Please remove outside shoes before entering dressing room. Feel free to carry flip flops or slippers.
  • Only students and their parents are permitted to attend dress rehearsal.
  •  No student is to arrive or leave dressed in their costume.
  •  There are schedules posted around the studio with the time each routine will be approximately performing. THIS SCHEDULE lS FOR DRESS REHEARSAL ONLY.
  •  Once your performance is over you may leave.
  •  Dress Rehearsal is the only time you may take pictures and videos of your child/children. We have a very strict policy and do not permit pictures or filming at the recitals. Please pass along this policy to any friends and family who will be attending the shows.
  •  Dressing rooms are for the students and mothers only.


Sunday, June 23rd- 12:00pm (Doors open a@ 11:30)
Sunday, June 23rd – 5:00pm (Doors open at 4:30)
Monday, June 24th – 7:00pm (Doors open @ 6:30)
Tuesday, June 25th – 7:00pm (Doors open @6:30)
Upon your arrival check the program to see what number you are performing. We cannot stress enough that the actual recital runs at much quicker pace than the dress rehearsal, so please read our backstage information carefully.
All students performing in the first half, with the exception of pre-school and kindergarten students, should be dressed and ready before the show begins. Leave them backstage and return to the audience before the show begins.
Pre-School and kindergarten students must be backstage and READY to perform five numbers ahead of time.
Our backstage staff lines up the routines five numbers in advance. After they are called to line up, please return to the audience. When their dance is over come backstage to pick them up, change them into their
street attire and return to the audience to enjoy rest of the show.
REMINDER: Please be considerate and only exit your seat in between dances. You will not be permitted to return to your seat while there is a dance performing on stage. Doors to the theater only open in between
Swarthmore’s  Policies:There is no food, candy or drinks permitted in the theater. The classrooms must be left in clean condition. ( Please be sure to clean your area before leaving. ) Do not tamper with any school
Recital DVD’s: Once again we have engaged the services of Nick Repino Video to record our shows. They can be ordered by picking up a form in the lobby the day/nights of the recitals. The DVD’s are picked up at the studio during our registration in September.
Final Note: lt is our hope and goal to make the recital an exciting and enjoyable experience for you and your child. Please do not hesitate to ask any other questions you may have regarding the above information,
especially our rookies !