Dress Rehearsal Information

Saturday, June 20
This is a mandatory rehearsal for all students and is held at the Lang Performers Arts Center, Swarthmore College.
Although this is a “dress rehearsal”, it would be greatly appreciated of you as an audience, to be considerate of the students performing on stage. Please keep any students seated and away from the front of the stage.
The front of the stage should be kept clear for the parents filming their children.


  • Only students and their parents are permitted to attend Dress Rehearsal.
  • Please respect Swarthmore’s polices. THERE lS NO FOOD OR DRINK PERMITTED lN THE THEATER.
  • No student is to arrive or leave dressed in their costume.
  • Only one (female) adult per dancer is permitted in the Dressing Room. A separate dressing room is provided for our male dancers.
  • Please remove outside shoes before entering dressing room. Feel free to carry flip flops or slippers.
  •  Dress Rehearsal is the only time you may take pictures and videos of your child/children. We have a very strict policy and do not permit pictures or filming at the recitals. Please pass along this policy to any friends and family who will be attending the shows.
  •  Once your performance is over you may leave.


As we get closer to the date, there will be schedules posted around the studio with the time each routine will be approximately performing.


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